The Water In The Wind

by Christopher Sisk



Cat. #: CSM-CS013
Run time: 54 mins.

The second album in my 2-part Wind and Water series.

A 1-hour, longform continuation in my experiments in complex generative chord structures. This album expands the idea, started on The Wind Under Water, where small moving notes and partial-chord patterns are looped, rearranged, and combined into more complex variations, into a deeper and more atmospheric experience.

Although it can be listened to actively and at full volume, this piece is designed to be experienced at lower volumes, in a more 'background sound' setting to fill the void of silence with simple, pleasing tones and harmonies.


released November 20, 2014

Written, recorded, & produced by Christopher Sisk
© 2014 - Christopher Sisk




Christopher Sisk Estill Springs, Tennessee

American ambient musician & visual artist.
Be Excellent To Each Other.

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